Friday, July 22, 2011

Not small for long

She may have started out small, but that didn't last too long

How cute are these girls!

Well we almost got a smile out of her.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Michigan

Some more of the pictures

A trip to the winery while we were there.

Zoe's still not too sure about the camera

A few of the wedding guests.

There was some dancing.

And some more "dancing."

Michigan trip

We took a nice vacation to Michigan and got the bonus of going to Julie and Nick's wedding while we were there.

Zoe wasn't too sure about this water. It was really cold.

The beach was really nice.

Hey that's Julie.

Julie and Suzanne.

Julie, Suzanne, and Zoe having a nice time on the beach.

Continuing on...

Zoe pictures.

Cute one of Zoe and mommy!

Zoe and her friend Addie.

Fourth of July

One of her cute dresses.

A cute family photo!

More catchup

broken record... you just get pictures...

Rebecca and Zoe at the children's museum.

Kids plying.

Zoe and aunt Kitty.

More reading books.

Zoe and Grandpa.

Some Catching up to do

Here are some random pictures in no particular order

Playing barbies with Sydney and Alana. (See Sydney's blog for all the particulars, Becky always writes so well and I just stick up some pictures :))

Reading books

David, Alana, Sydney, and Jack playing in the back yard... Can you tell it's been really dry here, we have no grass left.

Zoe's friend Maverick

More flying baby Zoe, she loves to fly!

Monday, July 4, 2011


These were just too cute to not add...

Out styling!

Shopping with Mommy!!!

Half a year

So we have officially made it to the half a year mark.

We will post more if / when we get a chance. For now you get a picture of flying baby Zoe!