Monday, June 20, 2011

Journal / Picture log

So when I started this blog it was more of a journal, and letting others know what was going on with us. As of late however it has become more of a picture log. We've been particularly busy lately and haven’t had much time to journal what's been going on so we just put up some pictures and try to caption all of them to remember what's going on at least in the picture. I theorize I'll journal more as time permits but for now you just get to enjoy some pictures!

Mommy and Zoe all dressed up to go... somewhere :)

Nick and Kay come out to the house on Tuesdays to see Zoe and help out.

She's not too sure about this over the shoulder thing.

Of course you have to have the requisite "carrots all over the face" picture.

She has become very interested in going places so we got her a walker so she can "go."

Something very interesting is going on over there...

All dressed up for Church. Suzanne's grandma "Mom" has been feverishly making cute dresses to keep up with Zoe's growing.

Going to the neighborhood pool. I would say this is a picture of Zoe's first time to the pool...but that would not be true because my mother did the unforgivable sin of taking her to the pool near their house and NOT taking any pictures gasp...

She really enjoyed pool time, and we had a really good time at the pool as well.

She kicked and splashed and smiled and put her face in the water and really had a good time!

Happy Fathers Day!

We took an afternoon at St. Arnold's Brewery. Zoe got to ride around with her daddy all day. She just smiled and laughed at everyone who looked at her and told her how pretty she was. She brings out her big smile and everyone just swoons over her.

The hold your arm out and take the picture doesn't work as well for 3 as it does for 2, but still not too bad!