Monday, March 28, 2011

New outfits

So Zoe has grown into the length of the 3 month outfits but not really the width

Here is one that Mom made for Zoe, which she got to wear to church.

A little while back we had her in an Aggie outfit so she had to have a Sam Houston one soon.

Zoe and Maverick born 9 days apart.

Rehersal dinner with Heather

Matching Bow and Pants!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A couple of cute pictures

Here are a couple of cute one's over the past couple of weeks

Daddy and Zoe at the wedding. (Heather and Aaron)

Mommy and Zoe at the wedding.

Zoe in her crib.


Out to lunch with daddy on a week day... this doesn't happen very often.

Checking out the crib.

Zoe and her friend Ella.

4 generations

4 generations on the Wheeler side

Look at the pretty girls!

Monday, March 7, 2011


This weekend we had Zoe's Baptism.

Rebecca suggested a stained glass window picture and it turned out pretty good.

Pastor Chris!

Welcome to the Church Zoe!


Here are a couple of cute pics over the last couple of days.

Mommy and Zoe!

Daddy and Zoe!

One of a kind, special little girl!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time for one or two more

Ok before saying good night here are a couple more.

Daddy's little love bug!

Nana and Grandpa's little precious bundle.

Zeidy's pride and joy!


I'm thinking she may be a sporty girl. (With as many sporting events that daddy plans to take her to she may as well get used to it.)

All dressed up ready to go watch Aunt Megan play rugby.

Rugby is a sport that you really have to love if you are going to play...(Lots of scrapes and bruises after each game.)

One of Daddy's favorites! Zoe's first Aggie baseball games. (No foul balls this time, maybe next time.)

Eyes open looking at the camera

So I noticed I hadn't put up too many pictures with her eyes open looking at the camera so here you go!

Long time no Blog!

So lots been going on since last time we blogged. Here are some of the cute pictures. I don't have time to put a whole bunch up mostly because Zoe demands nothing less than undivided attention!

She loves to sleep on her Boppy.

her friend Addie and their matching monkey butts.

Arms stretched out. You would think that with all the pictures that we have of her sleeping that we would be getting lots of sleep...and you'd be wrong!

Just for Rebecca

8 lbs 3 oz

So I was looking back on Sydney's blog and noticed that her birthday picture says that she was 8 lbs 4 oz. That would make her 1 oz bigger than Zoe was at her 8 week check up. So this picture was just for Rebecca!