Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Vacation

A nice trip to San Diego with friends

The girls

Me and my sweetie

Going for a ride

The girls again

Riding Elmo's flying fish with daddy

Kiddie bounce area

Look at the fishies

Must be the penguins


Hey us too

Can't miss the dolphins

Walking around the Park

Shamu (or if you're Zoe: Mamu and Addie: Shampoo)

More Shows

The Zoo was the next stop

Meet the Lion

Having a good time

All worn out after a long day


USS Midway

This better be the only time I see you behind bars

A good time with good friends.

Children's Museum

Some more summer time fun

Dancing on Stage

Engineering the gears

Splasing in the water

Building / Construction

Puzzles / Games

Just being the Queen!

More Summer Time Fun

What would summer be without a little College Station Fun?


The Dixie Chicken is a must stop

First taste of Tijuana Fries

Hangin with Daddy at a Ball Game!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Bike Ride

A nice bike ride around the complex in San Diego. That bike was a lot more work than it originally looked.

The Smallest helmet they had was still about 2 sizes two big, but really pretty darn cute.

Summer time

Sea World. The Shamu show was really fun.